the Armoury

Production Closed

The Car accident in December 2016 put an end to continuing armour fabrication.  The injuries sustained to the arms and back, currently make it impossible for the sustained labor to produce armour anywhere near to production level.  It has been 5 months since the wreck and will require a minimum of 6 months more physical therapy before there’s even a hope of being able to labor in such a manner.

The Armoury

West Coast Armoury has been around for many years, focusing on specialized performance armour for armoured sport combat.  With protection and performance as the top goals the Armoury has outfitted hundreds of fighters across many sports.

The Armourer

Brand Lancaster has been armouring for close to 25 years, making gear for fighters, collectors, theater and film.  His love of the armoured martial arts has kept him in armouring although he now spends much of his time training and training others for sport competition.

Still Brand finds time to help his fellow fighters get geared up.  His insight and 25+ years of fighting experience means armour designed from a fighter’s perspective with protection and performance foremost.  

If his schedule permits, and there’s something you want, let him know.

The Old Backorders

Back in 2008 the Armoury had to close due to the ‘Great Recession’.  Unfortunately it left a lot of unfulfilled orders on the books.  One of the primary reasons for reentering the armouring market in 2012 was to make sure that those orders could also get fulfilled.  Steadily these orders are fit into the build que along with new orders.  While it’s taken several years, we are down from over 80 backorders from the shutdown to just the ones below which should all be cleared soon.

The List:

  1. Stainless Banded Viking Aventail Ready – David R.
  2. Stainless Legionnaire – John S.
  3. Brass Plated Scythian/Phrygian, Aluminum Greaves Small: Strapped – Vanessa M.
  4. Stainless Norman Brass Iron Cross Nasal
  5. Stainless Cavalry (Long Neck) – Charles W.
  6. Stainless Face Corinthian –
  7. Stainless Persian, Sport Gauntlets –
  8. Stainless Locking Cheek Sallet – T
  9. Stainless Custom Legionnaire, Sculpted Face, Brass Plating – Lance B.
  10. (Completed) Steel Blued Gladiator High Polish – Ben S.
  11. Steel Blued Viking Brass work – Aran D.

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